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Scranton, PA Drug Rehab

Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab is available for individuals who are suffering with substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse is the damage that a person does to themselves without an addiction present. They may ruin their career, fail out of school or get into trouble with the law, but they do not suffer from an addiction. These individuals need counseling so that they can better understand their problems and how even substance abuse can become life threatening.

The Best Scranton, Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Around

Scranton, Pennsylvania Drug RehabAt Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab, individual counseling is offered to every person that is dealing with a substance abuse problem. They begin by helping the individual understand why the problem may have come into their life and that there are solutions; substance abuse does not have to be an everyday problem for anyone. The staff members at Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab understand where you are coming from in your life and they will work with you at any means necessary.

Also, substance addiction is a problem that has to be treated properly. Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab offers individual counseling, group counseling, therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment for people who are in need of a mental and physical change over their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Substance addiction is a problem that takes years to fully recover from, but getting a jump start is just what Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab wants to do for every individual that walks through the doors.

One major factor that helps in any person’s addiction recovery is financial stability. Scranton, Pennsylvania drug rehab gives recovering addicts the options to pay using:

  • Private insurance
  • Sliding scale fee
  • Payment assistance
  • And for the individuals that can afford treatment on their own, self-pay is also an option

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