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Washington, PA Drug Rehab

Washington, Pennsylvania Drug RehabThe housing options are what make Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab stand out among other drug rehab programs open to the public. When you are considering getting help for an addiction, you usually do not think about housing options, but this part in your decision making process is crucial for a phenomenal success over your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Washington, Pennsylvania Drug Rehab That Works

There are four different housing options for individuals who choose to get help through Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab and these options include:

  • Outpatient treatment-which is a live out addiction treatment program that does not rely on detox. The individual recovering from his or her addiction will enter into the Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab on a daily basis or in some cases once a week where they will go through individual counseling and blood screening to make sure that they are remaining sober from their addiction
  • Residential inpatient-uses detoxification and counseling as the basic structure of the recovery process. The recovering addict will remain inside of the Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab for the entire remainder of their addiction treatment (1 month to over a year) where they will go through daily counseling, therapy and intensive learning to better understand their addiction and how to remain sober
  • Partial hospitalization-uses daily counseling and therapy to treat individuals living with a mental illness and substance addiction problem. This addiction treatment program is outpatient, but the individual will have to come into the addiction facility up to seven times a week
  • Halfway house-a sober house where the recovering addict will live while still getting treated for their addiction. They will be able to obtain jobs and live in normal society, but they will have to come back every night and report to the counselor living at the house

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The options offered at Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab make this a safe choice for any recovering addict. If you are interested in getting help for your addiction today, contact Washington, Pennsylvania drug rehab now.